Inside the Workshop Box

A summary of everything inside this development box you can look forward to


One Workshop Box contains a total of 9 cassettes. It contains a "Quest overview" cassette with introductory information and a summary of all the workshops, and eight other cassettes with details on the workshops themselves. All told, up to two days of work.

Intro video

Each workshop is accompanied by a video guide for the facilitator. To make the preparation as easy as possible. What does such a guide look like? Watch a short clip from one of the videos and a sample from the beginning & the middle & the end of this video.

Instructions for the facilitator

Each workshop has its own "Facilitator's guide". We guide the facilitator step by step in "IKEA-style" through the whole meeting. So that even a person who has no experience in facilitating a group so far can do it. In a couple of teams, this has led to the discovery of some hidden facilitator talents who have since sought out working with the team. :)


Each team member has a "Worksheet" prepared for all the quests. This gives each of them space for their thoughts and notes. At the same time, team members can support the facilitator in leading the workshop, thanks to the instructions that are in the worksheets.

Other artifacts

There are many other artifacts available in each workshop to make the team's life easier and more diverse. These include:

Fans with strengths

Output stickers

Value cards

A bag of accessories

Personal profiles

Stickers with animals

Photo templates

Exploratory cards