Our team

Every team has a story. Someone started your team and "sent" it out to fulfill a purpose - a mission. Along the way, key moments in the team's life have taken place and the team naturally moves on - towards its vision. That's why in this first Quest, you'll recall some of your team's story and capture your identity. This will form the basis of a TEAM TABLO , which you will place somewhere in your team space.

What's in this quest

  • You'll share specific stories from the life of the team and be reminded of what you experienced together.

  • You will create the basis of a TEAM TABLO, the visual identity of your team.


Who is who

We all want to be part of a group, a team, and we want to see and feel that we belong and that others know us.
That's why in this Quest each team member will create his/her PERSONAL PROFILE and add it to the TEAM TABLO. You will share information about how long someone has been on the team, how they perceive their role, as well as what hobbies they have outside of work. To top it off, this quest also includes prepared GET-TO-KNOW QUESTIONS to help you come across interesting facts you didn't know about others.

What's in this quest

  • The team gets to know the individual team members better. 
  • Each team member has his/her PERSONAL PROFILE on the TEAM TABLO and can see at a glance that he/she is part of the team.


What we enjoy

The work that we enjoy is often done without much effort and with better results. If we realize what we enjoy at work and moreover, if we know what other team members enjoy, we can much better divide the work in the team and achieve better results together with less effort. Therefore, in this quest you will share with each other who finds what work activities fulfilling and who would prefer to do fewer of certain activities. 

What's in this quest

  • Open sharing and discussion over the distribution of work activities.
  • Understanding who enjoys what activities more or less.


We in the animal world

In this Quest you will use unusual metaphors from the animal kingdom. This will help to convey knowledge of the traits to individual team members personally and to each other. In practice, it works like this - everyone will find the animal whose characteristics and behavior are the best fit to him/her. Then, you will share how you see yourself and how others see you. The session also includes a warm-up creative exercise, guided visualization, group work, and several sharing rounds. 

What's in this quest

  • Using animal metaphor for your own deeper self-knowledge. 
  • Feedback from others and will be able to compare how he perceives himself versus how others perceive him. 


Who we are

Knowing and using your own character strengths has a direct impact on how productive you are, how quickly you get into flow and how happy you feel overall. And not just at work. Thanks to this Quest, you'll have the opportunity to reflect on your own character strengths and, through team sharing, get to know others better too.

What's in this quest

  • Identifying the character strengths of each team member. 
  • Sharing stories about how you demonstrate character strengths.
  • Giving each other feedback.


What we value

When you understand what is important to you and to others, you can be more sensitive to each other's needs and thus work better together towards a common goal. That's why this Quest focuses on finding and sharing the values of individual team members. 

What's in this quest

  • You identify your values and present them to others.
  • Discuss how team members' values can impact the team's mission.


Where we want to grow

Growth is a natural part of our lives and therefore of our work. If we are aware of the areas we want to develop in, others can create the opportunities and support we need. We then grow faster together and as a team. That is why everyone reflects on this and shares the outcomes with each other.

What's in this quest

  • Reflecting on what one would like to learn new and what one would like to improve.
  • Discussing together what one would like to help with and who is offering a helping hand.



At this point you will have all the Workshop Box Quests completed. At the end of each journey, it's a good idea to look back, recap everything, and name the lessons learned. This will help you realize what you have discovered, what you have learned and what you have changed. You'll reflect on the wider context and meanings that may not have been apparent when doing the individual Quests.

What's in this quest

  • A reminder of all the Quests and what you have experienced with the box as a team.
  • Evaluating the benefits of the box for your team.
  • A final note from the box authors. :)